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Founding Fathers



    George Washington 1st US President, 1789-97
    John Adams 2nd President of the U.S.
    Thomas Jefferson 3rd US President, 1801-09
    James Monroe 5th President of the U.S.
    Francis Hopkinson The Ballad of the Kegs
    Gouverneur Morris American financier, Revolutionary politician
    Benjamin Franklin American founding father
    Joseph Warren American patriot killed at Bunker Hill
    Roger Sherman Architect of the Connecticut Compromise
    Charles Pinckney Author of much of the US Constitution
    Richard Henry Lee Author of the 10th Amendment
    Samuel Adams Brewer led the Boston Tea Party
    Henry Laurens Captured negotiating treaty with Holland
    Robert Morris Financed the Revolutionary War
    Silas Deane First accredited US diplomat
    Edmund Randolph First Attorney General of the US
    John Jay First Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
    Peyton Randolph First President of the Continental Congress
    John Hancock First signer of the Declaration of Independence
    John Dickinson Founder of Dickinson College
    James Madison Fourth President of the United States
    Artemas Ward Major General of the Continental Army
    Button Gwinnett Most valuable signature
    Charles Cotesworth Pinckney Not one cent for tribute
    Patrick Henry Patriot and Governor of Virginia
    Elbridge Gerry Patron saint of Gerrymandering
    John Hanson President of the Continental Congress
    Alexander Hamilton Primary author of The Federalist Papers
    John Sullivan Revolutionary War general
    Francis Lewis Signatory to Declaration of Independence
    Benjamin Rush Signed Declaration of Independence
    Jared Ingersoll Signed the US Constitution
    John Langdon Twice Governor of New Hamphire
    Philip Schuyler US Revolutionary War general
    John Armstrong US Secretary of War, 1813-14
    William Grayson US Senator from Virginia, 1789-90
    James Wilson US Supreme Court Justice, 1789-98
    William Paterson US Supreme Court Justice, 1793-1806
    George Clinton US Vice President, 1805-12


    Delegate to the Continental Congress
    Signatory to the US Constitution
    Signatory to the US Declaration of Independence


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