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 CATEGORY:Business, Government
 BASED ON:Food and Agriculture

    Vernon Jordan Advisor to Bill Clinton
    Rozanne L. Ridgway Asst. Secy. of State for Europe, 1985-89
    Willie D. Davis Businessman, former football player
    John T. Chain C-in-C, Strategic Air Command, 1986-91
    Denise M. Morrison Campbell Soup executive
    Bennett Dorrance Campbell Soup scion
    Mary Alice Malone Campbell Soup scion
    Brian Mulroney Canadian Prime Minister, 1984-93
    G. Allen Andreas CEO of Archer Daniels Midland, 1999-2006
    Douglas R. Conant CEO of Campbell Soup
    Gary M. Rodkin CEO of ConAgra
    Paul J. Fribourg CEO of ContiGroup
    John M. Cassaday CEO of Corus Entertainment
    Richard U. De Schutter CEO of DuPont Pharmaceuticals, 2000-01
    Michael H. Jordan CEO of EDS, 2003-07
    John T. Dillon CEO of International Paper, 1996-2003
    Claudio X. Gonzalez CEO of Kimberly-Clark de Mexico
    Bertrand P. Collomb CEO of Lafarge SA, 1987-2003
    Philip A. Marineau CEO of Levi Strauss, 1999-2006
    Robert J. Stevens CEO of Lockheed Martin
    Dale F. Morrison CEO of McCain Foods
    Paul G. Stern CEO of Northern Telecom, 1989-93
    Steve Odland CEO of Office Depot
    Indra Nooyi CEO of PepsiCo
    James M. Ringler CEO of Premark, 1996-99
    Norman R. Sorensen CEO of Principal International
    Joseph A. Hafner, Jr. CEO of Riviana Foods, 1984-2005
    John H. Bryan CEO of Sara Lee, 1975-2000
    C. Steven McMillan CEO of Sara Lee, 2000-05
    Brenda C. Barnes CEO of Sara Lee, 2005-10
    Edgar Bronfman, Sr. CEO of Seagram's until 1994
    William T. Esrey CEO of Sprint, 1988-2003
    Cyrus F. Freidheim CEO of Sun Times Media Group, 2006-09
    Ann M. Fudge CEO of Young & Rubicam, 2003-07
    Frederic G. Reynolds CFO of CBS
    Barbara A. Klein CFO of CDW
    Terrell K. Crews CFO of Monsanto
    James A. Lawrence CFO of Unilever
    John L. Weinberg Chairman of Goldman Sachs, 1976-90
    Lonnie Ken Pilgrim Chairman of Pilgrim's Pride
    Dennis H. Reilley Chairman of Praxair, 2000-07
    Niall FitzGerald Chairman of Reuters
    John H. Tyson Chairman, Tyson Foods
    Stansfield Turner CIA Director, 1977-81
    Bo Pilgrim Co-Founder of Pilgrim's Pride
    Luis P. Nieto, Jr. ConAgra executive
    Christopher D. O'Leary COO Intl. of General Mills
    Lois D. Juliber COO of Colgate-Palmolive, 2000-04
    Paul W. McCracken Council of Economic Advisers, 1969-71
    William K. Reilly EPA Administrator, 1989-93
    Thomas Midgley Ethyl gasoline, Freon
    William H. Camp EVP at Archer Daniels Midland, 2003-07
    Robert F. Sharpe, Jr. EVP at ConAgra
    Linda P. Hefner EVP at Wal-Mart
    Steven P. Stanbrook Executive at S. C. Johnson & Sons
    Andrew Brimmer Federal Reserve Governor, 1966-74
    Daryl G. Brewster Former CEO of Krispy Kreme
    John W. Tyson Founder of Tyson Foods
    William W. Scranton Governor of Pennsylvania, 1963-67
    George H. Poste Health Technology Networks
    Caspar Weinberger Iran-Contra figure pardoned by Bush
    Andrew Young Mayor of Atlanta, 1982-90
    Jaime Serra Puche Mexican Secretary of Trade, 1988-94
    Linda Chavez Neoconservative activist, pundit
    Judith Richards Hope Pinstripes and Pearls
    Donald M. Stewart President of College Board, 1987-99
    Blake D. Lovette President of ConAgra Poultry Co., 1998-2002
    Robert W. Fisher President of Dole Food, 1986-90
    Ronald W. Roskens President, University of Nebraska, 1977-78
    Howard G. Buffett Son of Warren Buffett
    Paul Allaire Twice CEO of Xerox
    William Ruckelshaus Twice EPA administrator
    Don Tyson Tyson Foods
    Donald K. Bandler US Ambassador to Cyprus, 1999-2002
    Richard R. Burt US Ambassador to Germany, 1985-89
    Michael Armacost US Ambassador to Japan, 1989-93
    Robert S. Strauss US Ambassador to Russia, 1991-92
    Geri M. Joseph US Ambassador to the Netherlands, 1978-81
    George J. Mitchell US Middle East Envoy
    Barbara Hackman Franklin US Secretary of Commerce, 1992-93
    Donald Rumsfeld US Secretary of Defense, 1975-77 and 2001-06
    Ann Dore McLaughlin US Secretary of Labor, 1987-89
    Raymond G. Viault Vice Chairman of General Mills, 1996-2004
    Karl M. von der Heyden Vice Chairman of Pepsi, 1996-2001
    Robert S. Morrison Vice Chairman of Pepsi, 2003-05

    Archer Daniels Midland
    Campbell Soup
    Chiquita Brands
    Corn Products
    Dean Foods
    Dole Food
    Dow Chemical
    General Mills
    Kraft Foods
    Land O'Lakes
    Pilgrim's Pride
    Sara Lee
    Smithfield Foods
    Tyson Foods

    Council on Foreign Relations
    Trilateral Commission

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