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Paris Hilton Sex Chart


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Sorted by age, with hookups noted in shades ranging from fuschia pink to golden rain. Could Robert Evans be Paris' key to opening the graves of the slumbering dead...or is he just there to make Jared Leto look less sketchy?

    Cheryl Tiegs 1970s supermodel
    Shannon Leto 30 Seconds to Mars
    Lionel Richie All Night Long, former Commodore
    Vincent Gallo Buffalo '66, Brown Bunny
    Josh Henderson Desperate Housewives
    Ali MacGraw Dynasty
    Jude Law Gattaca
    Scarlett Johansson Ghost World, Lost in Translation
    Joel Madden Good Charlotte
    Ryan Adams Heartbreaker
    Tom Sizemore Heat, Robbery Homicide Division
    Willa Ford I Wanna Be Bad
    Lindsay Lohan Mean Girls
    Jessica Simpson MTV Newlyweds
    Ryan Cabrera On the Way Down
    Soleil Moon Frye Punky Brewster
    Brett Ratner Red Dragon
    Natasha Lyonne Slums of Beverly Hills
    Maeve Quinlan South of Nowhere
    Tobey Maguire Spider-Man
    Edward Furlong Terminator 2 and Pecker
    Nick Carter The Backstreet Boys
    Ava Gardner The Barefoot Contessa
    Jeff Goldblum The Fly
    Ginger Rogers The Gay Divorcee
    Robert Evans The Kid Stays In The Picture
    Lesley Ann Warren The Limey
    Lana Turner The Postman Always Rings Twice
    Nicole Richie The Simple Life
    Cameron Diaz There's Something About Mary
    Simon Rex What I Like About You
    Dorothy Malone Written on the Wind
    Catherine Oxenberg Amanda Carrington on Dynasty
    Grace Kelly American-born Princess of Monaco
    Mark Philippoussis Australian "Scud" clocks 142 mph serve
    Aaron Carter Backstreet boy Nick Carter's brother
    Peter Wentz Bassist for Fall Out Boy
    Justin Guarini Big afro on American Idol
    Niecy Nash Deputy Williams on Reno 911!
    Gregory Smith Ephram on Everwood
    Rick Hilton Father of Paris and Nicky Hilton
    Wilmer Valderrama Fez on That 70's Show
    Paris Latsis Greek shipping heir, Paris Hiton's ex
    Jared Leto Harry in Requiem for a Dream
    Nicky Hilton Heiress, handbag designer
    Heidi Fleiss Hollywood madam
    Ashlee Simpson Jessica Simpson's nepotistic younger sister
    Avril Lavigne Manufactured pop star
    Phyllis George Miss America 1971
    Kathy Hilton Mother of Paris and Nicky Hilton
    Ashley Olsen Olsen Twin
    Rick Salomon Paris Hilton sex tape
    Samantha Ronson Rumored lover of Lindsay Lohan
    Brody Jenner Son of Bruce Jenner
    Jolene Blalock T'Pol on Enterprise
    Shaun White The Flying Tomato
    Margaux Hemingway Troubled actress OD'd on klonopin
    Paris Hilton Unexpected porno actress
    Deryck Whibley Vocalist, Sum 41

    30 Seconds To Mars
    Backstreet Boys

    Alcoholics Anonymous
    Environmental Media Association
    Obama for America
    People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

    Desperate Housewives
    Kid Notorious
    Reno 911!
    The Simple Life


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