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    Benjamin H. Griswold IV Alex. Brown & Sons
    Jeffrey D. Benjamin Apollo Management
    Randall M. Fort Asst. Secy. State for Intelligence
    James T. Brady Ballantrae International
    Charles B. Johnson Billionaire, Franklin Resources
    Rupert H. Johnson, Jr. Billionaire, Franklin Resources
    Philip Falcone Billionaire, Harbinger Capital
    Michael E. Martin Brooklyn NY Holdings LLC
    Kathleen Brown California State Treasurer, 1991-95
    Michael H. Wilson Canadian Ambassador to the US
    Robert H. Benmosche CEO of AIG
    Charles R. LaMantia CEO of Arthur D. Little, 1988-99
    Henri de Castries CEO of AXA
    Edward D. Miller CEO of AXA Financial, 1997-2001
    Claude Bébéar CEO of AXA, 1985-2000
    John Varley CEO of Barclays
    Riley P. Bechtel CEO of Bechtel
    Bernard W. Reznicek CEO of Boston Edison, 1987-94
    Kennett F. Burnes CEO of Cabot, 2001-08
    John A. Thain CEO of CIT Group
    Samuel C. Scott III CEO of Corn Products
    Ronald L. Skates CEO of Data General, 1989-99
    Hans W. Becherer CEO of Deere, 1989-2000
    Josef Ackermann CEO of Deutsche Bank
    Seth H. Waugh CEO of Deutsche Bank Americas
    Donald H. Layton CEO of E-Trade, 2008-09
    Fulvio Conti CEO of Enel
    Wesley W. von Schack CEO of Energy East
    Lee Raymond CEO of ExxonMobil, 1999-2005
    James A. Johnson CEO of Fannie Mae, 1991-98
    Anne M. Tatlock CEO of Fiduciary Trust, 1999-2006
    George L. Shinn CEO of First Boston, 1975-83
    Larry Bossidy CEO of Honeywell
    Nader F. Darehshori CEO of Houghton Mifflin, 1990-2002
    Robert E. Weissman CEO of IMS Health, 1997-2000
    James Dimon CEO of JP Morgan Chase
    Maria Elena Lagomasino CEO of JP Morgan Private Bank, 2001-05
    William B. Harrison, Jr. CEO of JPMorgan Chase, 2000-05
    Mark R. Fetting CEO of Legg Mason
    Edmund F. Kelly CEO of Liberty Mutual
    John A. Luke, Jr. CEO of MeadWestvaco
    William W. George CEO of Medtronic, 1991-2001
    William Schreyer CEO of Merrill Lynch, 1984-92
    Stanley O'Neal CEO of Merrill Lynch, 2002-07
    Richard P. Sergel CEO of National Grid USA, 2000-04
    Peter Brabeck-Letmathe CEO of Nestle, 1997-2008
    Gregory L. Summe CEO of PerkinElmer
    Maurice Lévy CEO of Publicis
    John H. Bryan CEO of Sara Lee, 1975-2000
    Richard J. Kogan CEO of Schering-Plough, 1996-2003
    Ronald E. Logue CEO of State Street Corporation
    Robert Mehrabian CEO of Teledyne
    Ben F. Love CEO of Texas Commerce Bank
    John A. Rolls CEO of Thermion Systems International
    John H. Biggs CEO of TIAA-CREF, 1993-2002
    Michael J. Kowalski CEO of Tiffany & Co.
    Peter Wuffli CEO of UBS, 2003-07
    Lawrence A. Weinbach CEO of Unisys, 1997-2005
    John P. Surma, Jr. CEO of US Steel
    Christopher M. Condron CEO, AXA Financial
    Dominique Carrel-Billiard CEO, AXA Investment Managers
    Robert P. Kelly CEO, Bank of New York Mellon
    John S. Chalsty CEO, Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette, 1986-96
    Denis Duverne CFO of AXA
    Richard S. Dziadzio CFO of AXA Financial
    Ronaldo H. Schmitz CFO of BASF, 1984-90
    Peter J. Tobin CFO of Manufacturers Hanover, 1985-91
    Thomas A. Renyi Chairman of Bank of New York Mellon
    Helmut Panke Chairman of BMW, 2002-06
    Michael Rake Chairman of British Telecom
    John L. Weinberg Chairman of Goldman Sachs, 1976-90
    David Arculus Chairman of Severn Trent, 1998-2004
    Samuel Armacost Chairman of SRI International
    Arthur F. Burns Chairman of the Federal Reserve, 1970-78
    Paul Volcker Chairman of the Federal Reserve, 1979-87
    Robert Wolf Chairman of UBS Group Americas
    Mathis Cabiallavetta Chairman of UBS, 1998-99
    Heather R. Higgins Chairman, Independent Women's Forum
    Mark A. Nordenberg Chancellor, University of Pittsburgh
    Maureen J. Miskovic Chief Risk Officer, State Street Corporation
    Ruth E. Bruch CIO, Kellogg Company
    Gregory J. Fleming Co-President of Merrill Lynch
    William H. Gray Congressman from Pennsylvania, 1979-91
    Amelia C. Fawcett COO of Morgan Stanley Intl., 2002-06
    Marina v.N. Whitman Council of Economic Advisers, 1972-73
    Gary L. Seevers Council of Economic Advisers, 1973-75
    Richard E. Thornburgh Credit Suisse First Boston
    Helen Frame Peters Dean of Boston College, 2000-03
    Wolfgang H. Demisch Demisch Associates LLC
    Donald C. Roth EMP Global
    Noreen Doyle European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
    Nicholas M. Donofrio EVP at IBM
    Ben Bernanke Federal Reserve Chairman
    Alan Greenspan Federal Reserve Chairman, 1987-2006
    Peter Sutherland First Director General of the WTO
    Peter Tesei First Selectman of Greenwich, CT
    Frank Biondi Former CEO, Viacom, Universal Studios
    Thomas J. Derosa Former CFO, The Rouse Company
    Andrea M. Zulberti Former Global CAO, Barclays Global Investors
    Aulana L. Peters Former Partner, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher
    Peter M. Sacerdote Former Partner, Goldman Sachs
    Stephen Friedman Former Partner, Goldman Sachs
    Robert J. Donato Former UBS, PaineWebber executive
    Yves C. de Balmann Former Vice Chairman of Bankers Trust
    Carl Krasik General Counsel, Bank of New York Mellon
    Richard H. Walker General Counsel, Deutsche Bank
    Thomas H. Kean Governor of New Jersey, 1982-90
    Linda A. Hill Harvard Business School
    Warren Hellman Hellman & Friedman
    Patricia Dunn Hewlett Packard chair, 2005-06
    Robert H. Hotz Houlihan Lokey
    Peter Coym Lehman Brothers Germany
    James T. Bartlett LS Power Group
    Rajat K. Gupta Managing Partner of McKinsey, 1994-2003
    J. David Wargo New Mountain Capital
    Helene L. Kaplan Of Counsel, Skadden Arps
    Aziz R. D. Syriani Olayan Group
    Donald Marron PaineWebber CEO
    Edward L. Shapiro PAR Capital Management
    Robert D. Joffe Partner, Cravath, Swaine & Moore
    Maureen S. Bateman Partner, Holland & Knight
    Anne Marie Whittemore Partner, McGuireWoods LLP
    Thomas R. Hudson, Jr. Pirate Capital LLC
    Gerald M. Lieberman President of AllianceBernstein
    Gerald L. Hassell President of Bank of New York Mellon
    Ellen V. Futter President of Barnard College, 1980-93
    John L. Thornton President of Goldman Sachs, 1999-2003
    William C. Richardson President of Johns Hopkins, 1990-95
    William J. McDonough President of New York Fed, 1993-2003
    Jill Ker Conway President of Smith College, 1975-85
    J. Alfred Broaddus, Jr. President of the Richmond Fed, 1993-2004
    Thomas L. Rhodes President, National Review
    Ruth J. Simmons President, Brown University
    Lorie A. Slutsky President, New York Community Trust
    Julie G. Richardson Providence Equity Partners
    Christine N. Garvey Retired real estate executive
    Catherine A. Rein Senior EVP at MetLife
    Steven G. Elliot Senior Vice Chairman, Bank of New York Mellon
    Peter Etzenbach Senior VP, AXA Equitable
    Alfred Sommer SPH Dean at Johns Hopkins, 1990-2005
    Nicholas A. Lopardo State Street Global Advisors
    Lulu Wang Tupelo Capital Management
    Mary C. Farrell UBS Wealth Management USA
    Peter Carington UK Foreign Secretary, 1979-82
    Joseph W. Prueher US Ambassador to China, 1999-2001
    Nicholas A. Rey US Ambassador to Poland, 1993-97
    Stephen W. Bosworth US Ambassador to South Korea, 1997-2000
    Richard T. McCormack US Ambassador to the OAS, 1985-89
    John C. Whitehead US Deputy Secretary of State, 1985-89
    William J. Crowe, Jr. US Navy Admiral
    William M. Daley US Secretary of Commerce, 1997-2000
    Henry H. Fowler US Secretary of the Treasury, 1965-68
    G. William Miller US Secretary of the Treasury, 1979-81
    Donald Regan US Secretary of the Treasury, 1981-85
    Phil Gramm US Senator from Texas, 1985-2002
    Robert E. Rubin US Treasury Secretary, 1995-99
    Robert J. Hurst Vice Chairman of Goldman Sachs, 1999-2004
    Suzanne Nora Johnson Vice Chairman of Goldman Sachs, 2004-07
    Geoffrey T. Boisi Vice Chairman of JP Morgan Chase, 2000-02
    Roberto G. Mendoza Vice Chairman of JP Morgan, 1990-2000
    James S. Riepe Vice Chairman of T. Rowe Price, 1997-2005
    Bruce W. Van Saun Vice Chairman, Bank of New York Mellon
    Duncan M. McFarland Wellington Management Company
    Harriett Tee Taggart Wellington Management Company
    Josh Bolten White House Chief of Staff
    Robert Zoellick World Bank president
    David P. Gruber Wyman-Gordon Company
    Thomas C. Barry Zephyr Management

    AXA Financial
    Bank of New York Mellon
    Barclays Global Investors
    Credit Suisse
    Deutsche Bank
    Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
    Federal Reserve Bank of New York
    Franklin Resources
    Goldman Sachs
    JP Morgan Chase
    Merrill Lynch
    State Street Corporation
    T. Rowe Price
    Wellington Management Company

    US Council of Economic Advisers
    US Federal Reserve Chairman

    Alfalfa Club
    Bohemian Grove
    Bretton Woods Committee
    Carnegie Corporation
    Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
    Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
    Council on Foreign Relations
    International Monetary Fund
    Pilgrims Society
    RAND Corporation
    Rockefeller Foundation
    Trilateral Commission
    World Bank

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