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Anglo-American Power Axes


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Many of the US Ambassadors to the United Kingdom have been members of the Pilgrims Society; the society also counts among its members business leaders, high-up politicians, and the Royal Family.

    Malcolm Forbes Forbes publisher, Faberge collector
    John Hay Whitney New York Herald Tribune
    W. Averell Harriman Ambassador to USSR, Governor of NY
    Joseph Choate Attorney, ambassador
    John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Built Rockefeller Center
    Winthrop W. Aldrich Chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank, 1934-53
    Allen W. Dulles CIA Director 1953-61
    Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh
    John Foster Dulles Eisenhower's Secretary of State
    Peter Sutherland First Director General of the WTO
    Nelson Rockefeller Ford's VP, died atop mistress
    Henry Luce III Former Time magazine publisher
    Henry R. Luce Founded Time Magazine
    John D. Rockefeller Founder of Standard Oil
    David Rockefeller Founder of the Trilateral Commission
    Prince Charles Heir to the throne of Britain
    Walter Annenberg Media mogul, created TV Guide
    Steve Forbes Owner and publisher of Forbes magazine
    John W. Davis Personal attorney for J. Pierpont Morgan
    Robert Worth Bingham Publisher of The Louisville Courier-Journal
    Queen Elizabeth II Queen of England
    Joseph P. Kennedy Smuggler and patriarch of the Kennedy clan
    Prince Andrew The Duke of York
    Prince Edward The Earl of Wessex
    Princess Anne The Horsey Princess Royal
    David K. E. Bruce US Ambassador to England, France, Germany
    Robert H. Tuttle US Ambassador to the UK
    Lewis W. Douglas US Ambassador to the UK, 1947-50
    Anne L. Armstrong US Ambassador to the UK, 1976-77
    Henry Catto US Ambassador to the UK, 1989-91
    Raymond Seitz US Ambassador to the UK, 1991-94
    Philip Lader US Ambassador to the UK, 1997-2001
    William J. Crowe, Jr. US Navy Admiral
    Frank B. Kellogg US Secretary of State, 1925-29
    Cyrus Vance US Secretary of State, 1977-80
    Andrew W. Mellon US Secretary of the Treasury, 1921-32
    Nelson W. Aldrich US Senator from Rhode Island, 1881-1911
    William Rehnquist US Supreme Court Chief Justice 1986-2005
    Sandra Day O'Connor US Supreme Court Justice, 1981-2006
    Charles G. Dawes US Vice President, 1925-29
    William S. Farish W.S. Farish & Co.
    Paul Mellon Yale Center for British Art benefactor

    US Ambassador to the United Kingdom

    Pilgrims Society
    Trilateral Commission


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