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From JFK to 9-11


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From JFK to 9-11 (Draft ver 2)

    John F. Kennedy 35th US President, 1961-63
    Richard M. Nixon 37th US President, 1969-74
    Gerald Ford 38th US President, 1974-77
    George H.W. Bush 41st US President, 1989-93
    George W. Bush 43rd US President
    Philip Zelikow 9-11 Commission executive director
    Jamie S. Gorelick 9-11 Commission member
    Richard Ben-Veniste 9-11 Commission member
    Lee H. Hamilton 9-11 Commission vice chairman
    Khalid Shaikh Mohammed Al Qaeda's #3 man
    Lee Harvey Oswald Assassin of John F. Kennedy
    Elliott Abrams Asst. Secy. of State involved in Iran-Contra
    Félix Rodríguez Bay of Pigs, Iran-Contra operative
    David Koresh Branch Davidian cult leader
    James R. Bath Bush, bin Laden business partner
    William S. Paley Chairman of CBS, 1946-83
    Allen W. Dulles CIA Director 1953-61
    Carlos Lehder Co-Founder, Medellin Cartel
    Clare Boothe Luce Congresswoman, wife of Henry R. Luce
    E. Howard Hunt Coordinated Watergate break-in
    Luis Posada Carriles Cuban terrorist in US custody
    Barry Seal DEA informant, CIA contract pilot
    Porter Goss Director of the CIA, 2004-06
    Abraham Zapruder Documented JFK's assassination on film
    Henry Luce III Former Time magazine publisher
    Dan Rather Former CBS Anchorman
    Manuel Noriega Former dictator sentenced to US prison
    Henry R. Luce Founded Time Magazine
    Chandra Levy Gary Condit's dead intern
    Thomas H. Kean Governor of New Jersey, 1982-90
    Robert Mueller GWB's FBI Director
    Osama bin Laden Head of al Qaeda terrorist organization
    Jack Abramoff Lobbyist, incarcerated
    Mohammed Atta Mastermind behind the 9-11 attacks
    Ramzi Yousef Mastermind of 1993 WTC bombing
    Timothy McVeigh Oklahoma City Bomber
    Salem bin Laden Osama's brother
    Mohamed al-Fayed Owner of Harrod's, father of Dodi al-Fayed
    Mahmoud Ahmad Pakistani Intelligence chief gave Atta $100k
    Oliver North Perjuring Iran-Contra figure
    Adnan Khashoggi Shady Saudi billionaire arms merchant
    Jack Ruby Shot the guy who shot JFK
    Ted Shackley The CIA's Blond Ghost
    John Negroponte US Deputy Secretary of State
    Michael Chertoff US Homeland Security Czar
    Condoleezza Rice US Secretary of State
    James Baker US Secretary of State, 1989-92
    Prescott Bush US Senator from Connecticut, 1952-63
    Hillary Clinton US Senator from New York
    Randy Weaver White separatist


    Amerada Hess
    Arbusto Energy
    Baker Botts
    Barrick Gold
    Carlyle Group

    CIA Director
    CIA employee
    US National Security Council
    Warren Commission

    BCCI Scandal
    Iran-Contra Scandal
    Medellin Cartel
    Watergate Scandal
    Whitewater Scandal

    Skull and Bones Society

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