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NPR mostly unconnected to CPB


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Members of the board of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting are mostly well-connected Republicans, but commentators and other functionaries at the radio station itself have little in common with them (aside from the few that happen to be members of huge think tanks).

    Garrison Keillor A Prairie Home Companion
    Robert Siegel All Things Considered
    Andrei Codrescu Exquisite Corpse
    John Ciardi How Does a Poem Mean?
    Michael Shermer Skeptic Magazine
    Juan Williams Talk of the Nation
    John Hodgman The Areas of My Expertise
    Alan Cheuse The Bohemians
    Sandra Tsing Loh The Loh Life
    Ira Glass This American Life
    Pauline Frederick ABC and NBC reporter
    Gay Hart Gaines Chairman of GOPAC, 1993-97
    Maria Hinojosa CNN, NPR journalist
    John Edward Porter Congressman from Illinois, 1980-2001
    Mickey Edwards Congressman from Oklahoma, 1977-93
    David Sedaris Contributor to This American Life
    Cheryl F. Halpern Corporation for Public Broadcasting
    Kenneth Tomlinson Corporation for Public Broadcasting
    Patricia S. Harrison Corporation for Public Broadcasting
    Ray Suarez Correspondent for Lehrer News Hour
    Juliette Kayyem Counterterrorism wonk
    Douglas Rushkoff Cyberculture analyst
    Ernest J. Wilson III Dean, Annenberg School for Communication
    Mara Liasson Fox News political analyst
    Terry Gross Host of Fresh Air on NPR
    Neal Conan Host, Talk of the Nation
    Roy Blount, Jr. Humorist
    Joan B. Kroc McDonald's widow
    Garrick Utley NBC correspondent for 30 years
    Linda Wertheimer NPR
    Susan Stamberg NPR
    Carl Kasell NPR broadcaster
    Tom Gjelten NPR correspondent
    Deborah Amos NPR foreign correspondent
    Michele Norris NPR host, All Things Considered
    Nina Totenberg NPR reporter
    Noah Adams NPR senior correspondent
    Anne Garrels NPR senior foreign correspondent
    Andrea Seabrook NPR Washington correspondent
    Bob Edwards NPR's Morning Edition host, 1979-2004
    Charlayne Hunter-Gault NPR, NewsHour reporter
    Xeni Jardin Serial meta-blogger, Boing Boing
    Delano E. Lewis US Ambassador to South Africa, 2000-01
    David Pryor US Senator from Arkansas, 1979-97

    Corporation for Public Broadcasting
    Hogan & Hartson

    Governor of Arkansas
    Illinois State House of Representatives
    US Congressman, Arkansas
    US Congressman, Illinois
    US Information Agency
    US National Security Council
    US Senator, Arkansas
    US State Department
    Voice of America

    Bush Pioneer 2004
    National Public Radio
    Radio Free Europe

    Reader's Digest

    Africa-America Institute
    Alfalfa Club
    American Civil Rights Union
    American Enterprise Institute
    American Heart Association
    American Political Science Association
    Anti-Defamation League
    Aspen Institute
    B'nai B'rith
    Bretton Woods Committee
    Brookings Institution
    Center for International Private Enterprise
    Center for Strategic & International Studies
    Council on Foreign Relations
    Economic Policy Institute
    Foundation for the Defense of Democracies
    Hudson Institute
    International Republican Institute
    Kennedy Center
    Lexington Institute
    Markle Foundation
    National Foundation for Infectious Diseases
    National Review Institute
    National Women's Economic Alliance
    New York City Ballet
    Overseas Development Council
    Pacific Council on International Policy
    Rand Corporation
    Republican Jewish Coalition
    Republican National Committee
    The Heritage Foundation
    Trust for America's Health
    US Chamber of Commerce
    Washington Institute for Near East Policy
    Young Americans for Freedom


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