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Catherine Graham Funeral Party


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Observing attendees on the death of Katharine Graham, proprietor of the Washington Post, who died in the summer of 2001. Starring at least four billionaires, one president and several Washington celebrity retirees plus lucky Barbara Walters and lonelyheart Henry Kissinger.

    Bill Clinton 42nd US President, 1993-2001
    Barbara Walters 20/20
    Jim Lehrer Lehrer News Hour on PBS
    Lally Weymouth Newsweek, The Washington Post
    Ted Koppel Nightline
    Mike Nichols Primary Colors
    Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. The Age of Roosevelt
    Tina Brown Vanity Fair and The New Yorker
    Donald E. Graham Washington Post CEO
    Philip L. Graham Washington Post publisher, 1947-63
    Katharine Graham Washington Post publisher, 1966-79
    Donald Newhouse Advance Newspapers billionaire
    Vernon Jordan Advisor to Bill Clinton
    David Gergen Advisor to Nixon, Reagan, Bush, Clinton
    Warren Buffett Billionaire in Omaha
    Bob Woodward Broke the Watergate story
    Carl Bernstein Broke the Watergate story
    Yo-Yo Ma Cellist, The Silk Road Ensemble
    Steve Case CEO of AOL, 1991-2001
    Louis D. Boccardi CEO of Associated Press, 1985-2003
    Barry Diller CEO of USA Interactive Corp.
    Bill Gates Co-Founder, Microsoft Corporation
    Michael Wilbon Co-host of Pardon the Interruption
    Oscar de la Renta Colorful and flirty fashion designer
    Eleanor Holmes Norton Congresswoman, Washington DC
    Marion Barry Crack-smoking ex-mayor of Washington, DC
    Dick Cheney Dubya's VP, ex-CEO of Halliburton
    Ben Bradlee Editor of The Washington Post, 1965-91
    Alan Greenspan Federal Reserve Chairman, 1987-2006
    Tom Brokaw Former anchor, NBC Nightly News
    Rupert Murdoch Founder and CEO of News Corp
    Al Neuharth Founder of USA Today
    George Pataki Governor of New York, 1995-2006
    Rudy Giuliani Mayor of New York City, 1994-2001
    Anthony A. Williams Mayor of Washington DC, 1999-2007
    Jack Valenti Presidential advisor, headed the MPAA
    Henry Kissinger Secretly bombed Cambodia
    Diane Sawyer TV news journalist, loves Nixon
    John Danforth US Ambassador to the UN, 2004
    Robert McNamara US Secretary of Defense, 1961-68
    Elaine Chao US Secretary of Labor
    John McCain US Senator from Arizona
    Bob Graham US Senator from Florida
    Dick Lugar US Senator from Indiana
    John Kerry US Senator from Massachusetts
    Ted Kennedy US Senator from Massachusetts
    Hillary Clinton US Senator from New York
    Fritz Hollings US Senator from South Carolina, 1967-2005
    Orrin Hatch US Senator from Utah
    Patrick Leahy US Senator from Vermont
    John Warner US Senator from Virginia
    Ruth Bader Ginsburg US Supreme Court Justice
    Stephen Breyer US Supreme Court Justice
    Mike Wallace Veteran 60 Minutes correspondent
    Lynne Cheney Wife of US Vice President Dick Cheney

    The Washington Post Co.

    Funeral: Katharine Graham (2001)
    Graham Family
    Pentagon Papers
    Wedding: Alan Greenspan and Andrea Mitchell (1997)
    Wedding: Bill Gates and Melinda French (1994)

    The Washington Post

    Bilderberg Group
    National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy
    Newspaper Association of America
    Trilateral Commission


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