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The New York Times is one of few papers to survive the period of newspaper conglomeration in the late 20th century, keeping majority ownership within the same family (largely due to its two classes of stock).

    Bill Geist 60 Minutes II
    Neil Sheehan A Bright Shining Lie
    Allen Drury Advise and Consent
    Susan Faludi Backlash
    Kurt Eichenwald Conspiracy of Fools
    Anthony Lewis Gideon's Trumpet
    Renata Adler Gone: The Last Days of the New Yorker
    Russell Baker Growing Up
    Gay Talese Honor Thy Father
    Adam Nagourney New York Times
    Frank Rich New York Times
    Thomas Friedman New York Times
    Maureen Dowd New York Times columnist
    Paul Krugman New York Times columnist/economist
    John Markoff New York Times computer guy
    Brooks Atkinson New York Times drama critic
    Walter Kerr New York Times drama critic
    Janet Maslin New York Times film critic
    Frank Bruni New York Times food critic
    Adam Clymer New York Times major-league asshole
    Jill Abramson New York Times managing editor
    Nicholas D. Kristof New York Times Op-Ed columnist
    Arthur Sulzberger, Jr. New York Times Publisher
    Adolph Ochs New York Times Publisher, 1896-1936
    Arthur Hays Sulzberger New York Times Publisher, 1935-61
    Orvil Dryfoos New York Times Publisher, 1961-63
    Punch Sulzberger New York Times Publisher, 1963-91
    Jennifer 8. Lee New York Times reporter
    Andrew Revkin New York Times science reporter
    Elisabeth Bumiller New York Times Washington correspondent
    Barbara Ehrenreich Nickel and Dimed
    Helene Cooper NY Times editorial board
    Abe Rosenthal NY Times executive editor 1977-86
    James Risen NY Times national security reporter
    Eric Lichtblau NY Times reporter
    Daniel H. Cohen NYT VP Advertising, 1995-99
    Tony Kornheiser Pardon the Interruption
    William Meredith Partial Accounts
    David Brooks Shields and Brooks
    Stark Young So Red the Rose
    Ilene Rosenzweig Swell designer
    John Hodgman The Areas of My Expertise
    Janet Burroway The Dancer from the Dance
    Sydney Schanberg The Death and Life of Dith Pran
    Hilton Kramer The New Criterion
    James Reston The New York Times
    A. J. Liebling The New Yorker
    David Halberstam The Powers That Be
    Ron Suskind The Price of Loyalty
    Brander Matthews The Study of American Literature
    E. J. Dionne The Washington Post
    Mike Allen Time reporter
    Joyce Kilmer Trees
    David Broder Washington Post reporter
    Walter Pincus Washington Post reporter with CIA ties
    Gwen Ifill Washington Week, Lehrer News Hour
    Nora Ephron When Harry Met Sally
    George S. Kaufman You Can't Take It With You
    Sander Vanocur ABC and NBC correspondent
    Carl Spielvogel Advertising executive, Bates Worldwide
    Roger Wilkins Author, blackademic
    Bernard Kalb CBS and NBC news correspondent
    Janet L. Robinson CEO of New York Times Company
    John M. O'Brien CFO, New York Times Co., 1998-2001
    E. L. Godkin Co-founder of The Nation
    Judith Miller Credulous NY Times WMD maven
    Weegee Crime photographer
    Alexander Lyman Holley Designed steel foundries
    Peter Bart Editor of Variety
    Sam Tanenhaus Editor, New York Times Book Review
    Ruth Reichl Editor-in-Chief, Gourmet magazine
    James C. Hagerty Eisenhower's press secretary
    Bill Keller Executive Editor, The New York Times
    Howell Raines Executive editor, NYT, resigned
    Lowell Bergman Former 60 Minutes producer
    Norman Pearlstine Former Time Inc. Editor in Chief
    Nicholas Negroponte Founder, MIT Media Lab
    Hunter S. Thompson Gonzo journalist and author
    Roy Blount, Jr. Humorist
    Molly Ivins Loudmouthed Texas dame
    Elvis Mitchell Mumbling ex-New York Times film critic
    Lynn G. Dolnick National Zoological Park
    John Burns New York Times correspondent
    Charlayne Hunter-Gault NPR, NewsHour reporter
    William Safire NYT columnist and language maven
    Anna Quindlen NYT columnist turned novelist
    Carl Van Vechten Patron of the Harlem Renaissance
    Hugh B. Price President of the Urban League, 1994-2003
    Leslie H. Gelb President, Council on Foreign Relations, 1993-2003
    Jayson Blair Prevaricating NYT reporter
    Victor Navasky Publisher of The Nation
    Michael Golden Publisher, The International Herald Tribune
    Michiko Kakutani Quirky New York Times book critic
    Pat Buchanan Right-wing conservative throwback
    Natalie Angier Science reporter
    Lester Thurow Sloan School of Management
    Barbara Slavin Sr. Diplomatic Reporter, USA Today
    Alexander Woollcott The Man Who Came to Dinner
    Seymour Hersh Uncovered the My Lai Massacre
    Richard R. Burt US Ambassador to Germany, 1985-89
    Daniel Schorr Veteran journalist, Nixon enemy
    Vin Scully Voice of the Dodgers

    The New York Times Company

    Sulzberger-Ochs Family

    The International Herald Tribune
    The New York Times


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