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Luciferian conspiracy awaits!!

    William Howard Taft 27th US President, 1909-13
    Herbert Hoover 31st US President, 1929-33
    Dwight D. Eisenhower 34th US President, 1953-61
    Richard M. Nixon 37th US President, 1969-74
    Gerald Ford 38th US President, 1974-77
    Ronald Reagan 40th US President, 1981-89
    George H.W. Bush 41st US President, 1989-93
    George W. Bush 43rd US President
    F. O. Matthiessen American Renaissance
    Archibald Macleish Conquistador
    Malcolm Forbes Forbes publisher, Faberge collector
    Art Linkletter Kids Say the Darndest Things
    Jimmy Buffett Margaritaville
    Henry Sloane Coffin Meaning of the Cross
    William F. Buckley National Review
    Donald Grant Mitchell Reveries of a Bachelor
    Christopher Buckley Thank You for Smoking
    Herman Wouk The Caine Mutiny
    Irving Fisher The Theory of Interest
    Strobe Talbott Time journalist, Deputy Secy. of State
    James Whitmore Tora! Tora! Tora!
    Dana Milbank Washington Post White House reporter
    David Gergen Advisor to Nixon, Reagan, Bush, Clinton
    W. Averell Harriman Ambassador to USSR, Governor of NY
    Christopher DeMuth American Enterprise Institute
    Jack Kemp American politican, football player
    Alphonso Taft Attorney General under Grant
    Eddie Lampert Billionaire, Chairman of Sears
    Jonathan J. Bush Brother of George H.W. Bush
    Riley P. Bechtel CEO of Bechtel
    Carl E. Reichardt CEO of Wells Fargo Bank, 1983-94
    David C. Jones Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, 1978-82
    William Casey CIA Director, 1981-87
    William Sloane Coffin Civilly disobedient chaplain
    Glenn Seaborg Co-Discoverer of Plutonium
    Chauncey Depew Co-Founder of the Pilgrims Society
    Stephen A. Schwarzman Co-Founder, Blackstone Group
    William Bundy Cold War advisor to JFK, LBJ
    Walter E. Williams Conservative economist
    Robert Novak Conservative ideologue, outed Valerie Plame
    Dick Cheney Dubya's VP, ex-CEO of Halliburton
    William Webster FBI Director 1978-87, CIA Director 1987-91
    Alan Greenspan Federal Reserve Chairman, 1987-2006
    Henry R. Luce Founded Time Magazine
    Frederick W. Smith Founder and CEO of Federal Express
    David L. Boren Governor and Senator from Oklahoma
    Stanley Hiller, Jr. Helicopter designer
    Robert Kagan Influential neocon, cofounded PNAC
    Caspar Weinberger Iran-Contra figure pardoned by Bush
    Sean O'Keefe NASA Administrator, 2001-05
    William Randolph Hearst Newspaper magnate
    Winston Lord President, Council on Foreign Relations, 1977-85
    Bill Donaldson SEC Chairman, 2003-05
    Henry Kissinger Secretly bombed Cambodia
    S. I. Hayakawa Semanticist and US Senator
    Newt Gingrich Speaker of the House, 1995-99
    John Major UK Prime Minister, 1990-97
    Robert D. McCallum, Jr. US Ambassador to Australia
    Evan Griffith Galbraith US Ambassador to France, 1981-85
    George Herbert Walker III US Ambassador to Hungary
    Michael Armacost US Ambassador to Japan, 1989-93
    John Ong US Ambassador to Norway, 2002-05
    Victor Ashe US Ambassador to Poland
    Roy L. Austin US Ambassador to Trinidad
    John Negroponte US Deputy Secretary of State
    Alexander Haig US Secretary of State, 1981-82
    George Shultz US Secretary of State, 1982-89
    Colin Powell US Secretary of State, 2001-05
    William C. Whitney US Secretary of the Navy, 1885-89
    Henry L. Stimson US Secretary of War 1911-13, 1940-45
    Prescott Bush US Senator from Connecticut, 1952-63
    John Kerry US Senator from Massachusetts
    James L. Buckley US Senator from New York, 1971-77
    John Heinz US Senator from Pennsylvania, 1977-91
    Larry Pressler US Senator from South Dakota, 1979-97
    Morrison Waite US Supreme Court Chief Justice, 1874-88
    Potter Stewart US Supreme Court Justice

    Bohemian Grove
    Skull and Bones Society


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