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Black Conservatives


 CATEGORY:Government, Activism

Prominent African-American conservatives, libertarians, and Republicans.

    Sean Hannity Hannity & Colmes
    Alex-St. James African American Republican Leadership Council
    Amy Holmes BET host, conservative commentator
    Armstrong Williams Black conservative pundit on the take
    Charles Evers Brother of Medgar Evers
    Jesse Lee Peterson Brotherhood Organization of A New Destiny
    Richard Lessner Capital City Partners
    Richard Parsons CEO of Time Warner
    Stephen Moore Club for Growth
    Joshua I. Smith Coaching Group LLC
    Roy Innis Congress of Racial Equality
    J. C. Watts Congressman from Oklahoma, 1995-2003
    Ward Connerly Connerly & Associates
    Becky Norton Dunlop Conservative activist
    Paul Weyrich Conservative activist
    Michelle Bernard Conservative commentator
    Walter E. Williams Conservative economist
    Thomas Sowell Conservative economist, Hoover fellow
    Steve Baldwin Council for National Policy
    Connie Mackey Family Research Council
    Gary Bauer Family Research Council
    Michael Powell FCC Chairman 2001-05, Colin Powell's son
    Claude Allen Former White House domestic policy advisor
    Kenneth R. Timmerman Foundation for Democracy in Iran
    Alan Keyes Illinois carpetbagger
    Raymond Tanter Iran Policy Committee founder
    Stanley Crouch Jazz critic
    John McWhorter Linguist, social critic
    Michael S. Steele Lt. Governor of Maryland, 2003-07
    Walter E. Massey Morehouse College president, physicist
    Kenneth Blackwell Ohio Secretary of State, 1999-2007
    Lynn Swann Pittsburgh Steelers receiver
    Leonard S. Coleman, Jr. President of MLB National League, 1994-99
    Herbert H. Lusk II Pro-Bush preacher
    Larry Elder Republitarian radio talk show host
    Karl Malone Second-highest scorer in NBA history
    Lou Sheldon Traditional Values Coalition
    DeForest Soaries US Election Assistance Commission
    Rod Paige US Secretary of Education, 2000-04
    Louis Wade Sullivan US Secretary of HHS, 1989-93
    Alphonso Jackson US Secretary of HUD, 2004-08
    Condoleezza Rice US Secretary of State
    Colin Powell US Secretary of State, 2001-05
    Clarence Thomas US Supreme Court Justice
    Bonnie G. Hill VP of Times Mirror Co., 1997-2001
    Grover Norquist Washington lobbyist, anti-tax crusader
    George Williams Williams Partners, Inc.

    African American Republican Leadership Council


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