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Timeline of physicists


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    René Descartes Discours de la Méthode
    Joseph-Louis Lagrange Mécanique Analytique
    Francis Bacon Novum Organum
    Henri Poincaré Poincaré Conjecture
    Leonhard Euler The Elements of Euclid
    John Archibald Wheeler The Mechanism of Nuclear Fission
    Paul Dirac The Principles of Quantum Mechanics
    Pierre-Simon Laplace Traité du Mécanique Céleste
    Benjamin Franklin American founding father
    Jean-Baptiste Biot Biot-Savart Law
    Karl Schwarzschild Black holes, Schwarzschild radius
    Albert A. Michelson Calculated the speed of light
    Galileo Galilei Copernican observational astronomer
    Roger Penrose Cosmologist and theoretical physicist
    Charles-Augustin de Coulomb Coulomb's Law
    Robert A. Millikan Determined the charge of an electron
    Robert H. Dicke Dicke radiometer
    Michael Faraday Discovered electrical induction
    Henry Cavendish Discovered hydrogen
    Lord Rayleigh Discovered the element Argon
    Louis de Broglie Discovered the wave nature of electrons
    John Dalton Early proponent of Atomic Theory
    Jean le Rond d'Alembert Early work in partial differential equations
    Arthur Eddington Eddington luminosity
    James Prescott Joule English physicist, Joule's Law
    André-Marie Ampère Explored electromagnetism
    Isaac Newton Father of modern physics
    Ernest Rutherford Father of Nuclear Physics
    Niels Bohr Father of Quantum Theory
    Edward Teller Father of the H Bomb
    Enrico Fermi First controlled nuclear chain reaction
    Werner Heisenberg Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle
    Ejnar Hertzsprung Hertzsprung-Russell diagram
    Edwin Hubble Hubble Space Telescope, Hubble's Law
    Alessandro Volta Invented electric battery
    Sir William Rowan Hamilton Inventor of Quaternions
    Evangelista Torricelli Inventor of the barometer
    Guglielmo Marconi Inventor of the radio
    Robert Hofstadter Investigated electron scattering and nuclei
    Johannes Kepler Laws of Planetary Motion
    Humphry Davy Leading early 19th century chemist
    William Herschel Mapped heavens, discovered Uranus
    James Clerk Maxwell Maxwell's Equations
    Harlow Shapley Organizer of Heaven
    Max Planck Originator of quantum theory
    Wolfgang Pauli Pauli Exclusion Principle
    Robert Oppenheimer Physicist, headed the Manhattan Project
    Edmund Halley Predicted return of Halley's Comet
    Erwin Schrödinger Schrödinger's wave equation
    Richard Feynman Surely he's joking
    Albert Einstein Theory of relativity
    Gustav Robert Kirchhoff Theory of spectrum analysis
    Christiaan Huygens Wave theory of light
    Murray Gell-Mann Weak interaction of particles
    Stephen Hawking Wheelchair-bound physicist


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