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Joined 22-May-2008, author of 10 maps.

Unfolding the BlackPantherParty organization.
created 26-May-2008 · 75 nodes · Activism Organizations · black panthers

Nazis, KKK, USA
No connections between the German Workers and the US but plenty of connections between American Nazis, KKK, and the US Government.
created 26-May-2008 · 88 nodes · Government Organizations · hitler byrd freemasonry young republicans nazi kkk

Where Pollution Comes From
Map of The Top Corporate Air Polluters in the U.S. (Number One at top) Data taken from http://www.peri.umass.edu/421/ and NNDB. Not nearly finished. Got about halfway through DuPont and the interface kinda quit on me.
created 26-May-2008 · 388 nodes · Business Organizations · pollution dupont nissan adm bayer dow kodak arcelor mittal us steel exxon mobil

Murdoch, NewsCorp, & The Fox Family
A massive effort to map all the corporate and political connections throughout the Fox Family
created 24-May-2008 · 202 nodes · Business Organizations · rupert murdock fox newscorp

4-Sitcoms: Cheers, MASH, Taxi, Frasier
I'd say this is about halfway done. No idea why I built this.
created 24-May-2008 · 134 nodes · Hollywood TV · sitcoms cheers mash frasier taxi

Sex Pistols to Allen Ginsberg
created 23-May-2008 · 18 nodes · Music Arts · cure sex pistols burroughs siouxie pil

kkk revised
...not better, just different.
created 23-May-2008 · 47 nodes · Government History

SCOTUS: Work in progress
workin' on it...
created 23-May-2008 · 57 nodes · Organizations Government

neomodern Influences
created 23-May-2008 · 54 nodes · History Arts

NNDB Glimpse of the 2008 US Elections
Using the more important data from nndb to try and graph the potential candidates in the 2008 elections and comparing them to three previous presidents...
created 22-May-2008 · 72 nodes · Organizations Government · obama hillary clinton reagan paul nader mccain bush 2008 elections

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