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Gavin Newsom's Fairytale Wedding
Cowboy duds were du jour at downtown Frisco Mayor Gavin Newsom's 2008 wedding. New Democrats, the Google billionaires, private equity Feinstein-wife Richard Blum, and a couple of area elephants.
created 18-Aug-2008 · 40 nodes · Business Organizations · gavin newsom wedding san francisco private equity bohemian grove downtown

Four generations of Rockefeller, from John D. Sr., founder of Standard Oil, on down. Consider that Rockefellers are responsible for the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, McDonnell Douglas, the New York MOMA, Lincoln Center, and the University of Chicago -- and have controlled both Chase Manhattan Bank and the US Vice Presidency.
created 31-Jul-2008 · 41 nodes · Organizations Business · rockefeller standard oil billionaire

Cock Ring
Helping Hands Help Themselves!
created 28-Jun-2008 · 22 nodes · Business Organizations

Theocracy Now!
No one this map would be displeased if the decadent US government was replaced with a fundamentalist Christian theocracy. Focus on Intelligent Design -- both the billionaire bankrollers and their scientist shills.
created 25-Jun-2008 · 32 nodes · Organizations Religion

QinetiQ and InQtel
Private Anglo-American intelligence apparatus. The CIA is no longer sufficient; thus the market has cleaved off segments of government to fund espionage more directly.
created 24-Jun-2008 · 42 nodes · Business Government

Corporate Power Nexus
These fifteen people are the most heavily connected board members within the Fortune 500, with five active memberships each.
created 16-Jun-2008 · 101 nodes · Business Organizations · fortune 500 corporate power nexus

Obama's VP Search Committee
A Brookings economist, a Kennedy, and an interested Washingtonian (who resigned days after the committee was announced). Who is there of Jim Johnson's calibre to replace him?
created 11-Jun-2008 · 39 nodes · Organizations Business · obama vice president

Texas Pacific Group
By expanding a private equity firm, some of their more prominent investments will become apparent by common board memberships. Note also the unconventional youth of some of TPG's partners -- firms like this do just as they please.
created 8-Jun-2008 · 24 nodes · Business

Boeing to Lockheed Martin
Just the current boards and CEOs -- a little bit of overlap, mostly through trusteeships.
created 5-Jun-2008 · 54 nodes · Business Organizations

Chicago Business Clubs
It seems everyone involved in Chicago commerce belongs to either the Economic, Commercial, or Executives' Club of Chicago. People in the middle are on all three!
created 5-Jun-2008 · 44 nodes · Business

Boeing and Lockheed
Started trying to connect these two massive aerospace defense contractors, turns out it's a bit busy! Will try again later using just the current boards of directors...
created 31-May-2008 · 73 nodes · Business Organizations

Robin Hood Foundation
This New York City based foundation provides a PR-positive funnel for billionaires having run out of PACs to invest in. Ties to private equity, big banks -- even Canada!
created 30-May-2008 · 72 nodes · Business Organizations

Kennedy map
Connections from Joe to Arnie.
created 30-May-2008 · 65 nodes · Organizations Government

RIP Sydney Pollack
Imagine if Sydney Pollack could attend his own poolside wake -- who would he see? Connects Syd to his best movies and down a weird corporate alley to Coke and CFR.
created 28-May-2008 · 66 nodes · Hollywood Organizations · sydney pollack tootsie hollywood

Big Box Stores
From Wal-Mart to Costco, mostly through Berkshire Hathaway et al. How many billionaires can you spot? For an example of simple *un*connectivity see BJ's Wholesale Club, above.
created 23-May-2008 · 125 nodes · Business Organizations · walmart costco berkshire buffett bjs wholesale big box

Berkshire Hathaway
Basic expansion, demonstrating the overlap with Coke, Costco, and Microsoft. Check it out: throw some money away on BH activeware and geegaws, or browse Buffett's folksy annual reports.
created 21-May-2008 · 92 nodes · Business Organizations · berkshire hathaway warren buffett bill gates coke microsoft

Arr'st'd d'v'l'pm'nt
props to the OP
created 19-May-2008 · 23 nodes · Hollywood

created 19-May-2008 · 46 nodes · Organizations Business

The Beatles
Diffuse map of the Beatles' various projects, romances, etc. since dissolving the group.
created 18-May-2008 · 46 nodes · Music

On The Fence
Persons on this map have contributed to both Sen. McCain and Sen. Obama's presidential campaign coffers. With side annex for various Hillary operations.
created 17-May-2008 · 58 nodes · Business · obama mccain campaign 08

Atlanta Corridors of Power
Several of Emory's trustees have been high executives at local soda pop manufacturer Coca-Cola, in part thanks to the largesse of Bob Woodruff.
created 17-May-2008 · 40 nodes · Business Organizations · atlanta emory coca-cola suntrust

Presidents of Harvard
20th Century Presidents of Harvard University, from Charles William Eliot through to newly coronated Drew Gilpin Faust.
created 16-May-2008 · 54 nodes · Organizations Schools

Glasscock 2 Growcock
Helping Hands Help Themselves!
created 14-May-2008 · 18 nodes · Business Organizations

Geek Pie
All those new-media types. Politically they favor the Dems, except for Jerry Yang -- looks like he'll be SOL when Obama bestows that cushy CTO position.
created 13-May-2008 · 56 nodes · Organizations Business · eff boingboing technology new media

Senators from Ohio
The men of the Western Reserve -- career politicians all. Mike Dewine wins on connectivity.
created 13-May-2008 · 40 nodes · Government Organizations

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