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Dick Cheney
Former SecDef and Halliburton CEO, now leads the unitary executive.
Barbara Walters
TV reporter hobnobs at gala after gala.
H. Wayne Huizenga
Reared three large companies -- Blockbuster, Waste Management, and AutoNation
Rick Salomon
Follow him on to Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson, etc.
Katherine Graham Funeral Party
Attendees at the funeral of Katharine Graham, proprietor of the Washington Post, who died in the summer of 2001. Starring at least four billionaires, one president and several Washington celebrity retirees plus "lucky" Barbara Walters and lonelyheart Henry Kissinger.
created by staff on 29-Jan-2008 4:20pm

San Francisco Political Landscape
Movers and shakers of San Francisco politics, branching out into California at large. Starring the Burton-Brown machine, the Feinstein-Newsom connection, the Hearst newspapers, Getty oil billionaires, the Board of Supervisors, and the evil corporations that fund the fine arts.
created by staff on 28-Oct-2007 9:35pm

Ozzy vs Slayer
Slayer squares off against Ozzy, Metallica and their legion of session musicians.
created by staff on 7-Nov-2007 11:10pm

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